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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ranch vs. Town

Ok, we live on 15,000 acres of the prettiest land you can find. Wide open prairies, hills, trees, canal/river bottoms, and a lake. But what do my kids wanna do??? Go to town!!!They beg every week to go to the park in town. Usually I tell them that after all my shopping and their music lessons, I don't have time. ( I don't - we have to get the car home for My Cowboy, so he can use it to go to CO) But yesterday we had two appts in town, and so we had a few hours to kill inbetween. So we took a picnic to the park. We spread out our blanket beneath the crab-apple blossoms, and sank our toes in the soft grass....
Then we walked the walking trail around the pond. They loved the pine trees.

 Miss Lucia thought she had to do the 'rock' climbing, too. She couldn't figure out how to get that chain out of her way...
 But she was determined. She dug in her toes and kept going. Then she did it again...about 5 times.
                                           Oh, but I do love summer!

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